Jazzhus Montmartre: Legendary Venue for Jazz in Denmark

Jazzhus Montmartre, one of the prominent jazz clubs in the world of jazz, stands as a musical landmark in the heart of Copenhagen. Established in 1959, this legendary club takes its name from the famous art district of Montmartre in Paris and has gained immense recognition by hosting some of the most iconic figures in the history of jazz.

Founded by Danish musician and entrepreneur Jørgen Grunnet, Jazzhus Montmartre quickly became a magnet for American jazz artists from its inception. Renowned musicians like Dexter Gordon, Ben Webster, and Kenny Drew graced the stage, creating unforgettable performances. During this period, Montmartre rose as a significant jazz venue in Europe.

The 1960s are considered the golden age of Jazzhus Montmartre. The club became an essential stop for American jazz stars during their European tours. Notable figures such as Stan Getz showcased extraordinary performances on the Montmartre stage, elevating the club’s international reputation.

However, the club faced challenging times throughout its history. Economic difficulties and shifts in the music industry led Jazzhus Montmartre to the brink of closure at times. Yet, through the efforts of music enthusiasts and supporters, the club persevered, reopening its doors.

Today, Jazzhus Montmartre continues to thrive as a significant venue for jazz music. Hosting both local and international jazz artists, the club maintains its legacy within a modern atmosphere that carries the traditional echoes of jazz. With a commitment to preserving the roots of jazz, Jazzhus Montmartre remains a vital contributor to Copenhagen’s cultural landscape.