Louis Cole

Louis Cole’s musical journey is a prime example of how digital platforms can shape modern music careers. His video “Bank Account,” showcasing his musical prowess, went viral overnight, catching the attention of celebs like John Mayer and Björk. Riding high on this newfound fame, Cole dished out a string of short songs but soon felt the urge to dig deeper into his craft.

Teaming up with fellow Jazz Studies grad Genevieve Artadi, Cole co-founded Knower, expanding his creative horizons. The pivotal year of 2010 saw the release of both his self-titled solo album and Knower’s debut, marking a milestone in his career. As Cole’s solo journey unfolded, he found himself gravitating towards collaborations, like co-writing “Padded Cell” for Seal’s album “7” and contributing to Snarky Puppy’s “Family Dinner – Volume 2.”

His partnership with Thundercat on “Drunk” marked a turning point, landing him a deal with Flying Lotus’ label Brainfeeder and dropping his third solo album in 2018. Packed with appearances from Artadi, Thundercat, and other heavy hitters, the album solidified Cole’s rep as a genre-bending musical innovator.

In 2020, Cole upped his game with the exclusive release of “Planet X” for Grand Theft Auto Online’s FlyLo FM radio station, blurring the lines between virtual and real-world music experiences. His fourth studio album, “Quality Over Opinion,” dropped in 2022, earning critical acclaim and Grammy nods.

But Cole’s not just about solo gigs; his involvement with Clown Core, a quirky duo blending grindcore, jazz, and electronic vibes, adds another layer to his eclectic persona. In a nutshell, Louis Cole’s musical journey is a testament to his unbridled creativity and his knack for shaking up the status quo, inspiring audiences worldwide along the way.

Louis Cole is gearing up to drop his latest album, “Nothing,” and he’s shaking things up big time. Teaming up with the Metropole Orkest and conductor Jules Buckley, he’s ditching the usual orchestral remixes for a whole new suite of tracks. Only a couple nods to his Grammy-nominated album “Quality Over Opinion,” the rest are fresh.

They’ve been tearing it up on a sold-out tour across Europe, backed by the 50-piece orchestra and guest stars like Genevieve Artadi. The cool part? Most of “Nothing” was recorded live, capturing all that raw energy without a ton of studio tinkering.

With “Nothing,” Cole’s inviting us on a wild ride through his latest sonic adventures. It’s shaping up to be one heck of a musical journey, and we can’t wait to dive in.