Gesaffelstein – GAMMA

Last month, the music scene felt like a throwback to 2013 with new albums from Justice and Gesaffelstein dropping. However, delving into the GAMMA album revealed a departure from Gesaffelstein’s classic sound.

Gesaffelstein’s latest album, GAMMA, has sparked mixed reactions among fans and critics. While many appreciate its distinct 80s vibe mixed with modern electronic elements, some feel that its short runtime and song structures make it less dance floor and DJ-friendly. Despite this, GAMMA succeeds in creating a dense and captivating atmosphere. The album could have benefited from more polished production, longer tracks, and additional features, especially in the instrumental pieces, to avoid a sense of incompleteness.

Gesaffelstein – Hard Dreams featuring Yan Wagner

My favorite track from the album stands out; “Hard Dreams,” features Yan Wagner, a long time fan and an Instagram friend of mine, whose vocals heavily influence the song, evoking a nostalgic 80s feel reminiscent of Dave Gahan. However, opinions on this track vary, with some fans praising it while others consider it their least favorite from the album. The track was chosen for the album’s flagship music video, indicating strong support from Gesaffelstein’s PR agents.

Despite the mixed reviews, there is hope and excitement for Gesaffelstein’s new musical direction. Fans eagerly anticipate his next record, hoping for a return to the intense, impactful tracks like “Hysteria,” “Mania,” and “Psycho.” Overall, GAMMA has elicited a range of opinions, with some viewing it as a satisfying evolution of Gesaffelstein’s sound and others hoping for more.

Words by heavie, featured soon on Musiki FM.