BADBADNOTGOOD and Baby Rose’s “Slow Burn” EP

BADBADNOTGOOD is currently exploring new production avenues, yet their recent collaboration with Baby Rose showcases their adaptability and continued musical prowess. The partnership, initially unforeseen, presents a seamless fusion of smooth jazz-infused arrangements and Baby Rose’s soulful vocals, culminating in the captivating “Slow Burn” EP.

Their previous successful venture with Turnstile hinted at BADBADNOTGOOD’s genre-bending capabilities, making them an intriguing match for Baby Rose’s burgeoning career. “Slow Burn” maintains BBNG’s distinct sonic imprint while offering a natural progression for Baby Rose’s distinct style.

Baby Rose’s vintage vocal approach adds depth to the EP, infusing each track with soulful warmth. Notably, tracks like “Weakness” see her vocals take on a fiery, somber tone, evoking comparisons to Anohni’s impassioned delivery. This emotional spectrum—from longing in “On My Mind” to regret in “It’s Alright”—crafts a multifaceted listening experience that resonates deeply with audiences.

The standout tracks “Caroline” and “One Last Dance” epitomize the EP’s introspective, nostalgic essence. “One Last Dance” particularly shines as a standout of the year, with its exquisite vocals and unforgettable chorus encapsulating the essence of the collaboration.