Oxygene in Moscow

Jean Michel Jarre, the renowned composer and musician, made history on September 6, 1997, with a mega-show in Moscow that would go down as one of the biggest events ever staged. Drawing a crowd of over 3.5 million people, this unforgettable performance captured the hearts of audiences worldwide.
For many, Jean Michel Jarre has been a constant presence throughout their lives. His music, with its pioneering electronic sounds, has been a soundtrack to countless moments. His 1976 album, ‘Oxygene’, stands as a testament to his impact, having sold over 12 million copies worldwide and becoming a landmark in his illustrious career.

Personally, my introduction to Jean Michel Jarre’s music came from my dad’s early CDs. Although I wasn’t initially into electronic music, I soon found myself captivated by Jarre’s innovative sounds. Discovering his discography approximately 25 years ago was a turning point, leading me to appreciate the beauty of synths and electronic music.
One of Jarre’s most captivating performances, ‘Oxygene in Moscow’, showcases his music in a live setting. This concert, which I stumbled upon on Youtube, left me in awe of how his compositions translated to the stage. Little did I know about the historical significance of this concert or Jarre’s reputation as a live performer. If I had known, I would have eagerly watched it much sooner.

Celebrating the 850th anniversary of Moscow, over 3.5 million people attended this event, thus breaking Guinness World record for the 4th time.

The ‘Oxygene in Moscow’ concert was not just a musical event; it was a symbol of the city’s revival after the Soviet era. Lasting over three hours, the concert featured compositions from Jarre’s new album and classic hits. The atmosphere was electric, with the mayor of Moscow, Yuri Luzhkov, delivering a welcoming speech to kick off the festivities.

Cosmonauts from the Mir Space Station join in the Oxygene in Moscow

The grandeur of the event was truly breathtaking. From the mesmerizing music to the dazzling lasers, fireworks, singing, dancing, and orchestration, every moment was filled with wonder. The performance featured the Ex-Red Army Choir, Bolshoi Dancers, Bolshoi Kids Choir, and even the Russian Knights aerobatic team performing stunts in Sukhoi 27s. To top it off, cosmonauts from the Mir Space Station joined in, adding an otherworldly touch to the spectacle.

Oxygene in Moscow’ was not just a concert; it was a celebration of music, culture, and history. It showcased Jean Michel Jarre’s ability to captivate and inspire audiences, leaving a lasting impression on all who were fortunate enough to witness it.

Words by heavie, you can listen to Jean-Michel Jarre’s best performances and music in Musiki FM.