Harmony of the Day: Haruomi Hosono – Femme Fatale

Paraiso is Haruomi Hosono’s fourth solo album and the debut album of the Yellow Magic Band (later Yellow Magic Orchestra). While continuing the tropical style of his previous works like “Hosono House,” “Tropical Dandy,” and “Bon Voyage,” this album is also influenced by Hawaiian and Okinawan music, foreshadowing the electronic sounds that Haruomi Hosono and YMO would later develop in their careers. At this point in time, YMO consisted of The Yellow Magic Band, members from Tin Pan Alley, studio musicians such as Haruomi Hosono’s former Happy End bandmate Shigeru Suzuki, and future YMO members like Ryuichi Sakamoto (who would later perform a modified version of “Asatoya Yunta”) along with studio musicians. Additionally, guitarist Hirofumi Tokutake (who would later perform in Technodon and Wild Sketch Show) was part of the lineup, alongside Yukihiro Takahashi continuing his solo career.